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Hotel Rey Alfonso X  ****


Ximenez De Enciso, 35
41004 - Sevilla
Sevilla , Spain
Tlf: 954 21 00 70
Fax: 954 56 42 78
e-mail: reservas@reyalfonsox.com


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It was inaugurated in 2002. The Hotel takes the name to the King Alfonso X of Castilla and contributes with its construction to the naming that this King gave to the city of Sevilla before his death, conceding the "no madeja do", that have been the emblem of the city since then. It is located in the Sevilla of 19th Century, next to the Giralda, the Cathedral and the Alcázar, in the heart of the district of Santa Cruz. The architecture is modern and elegant. The Hotel has terraces with views to the Cathedral and the beautiful roofs of the old Sevilla and tiles of the 18th Century decorating the reception. The Hotel belongs to the Hotels Association in Sevilla.


How to get there and distances


Airoport: SAN PABLO

Distance to the airport: 25 Km

Train station: Santa Justa

Distance to train the station: 1,5 Km

Trade center: Palacio Congresos


Downtown location


City Center


Sports center




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