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G.S.M. HOTELES were founded in 1991 to going into partnership with independent prestigious hotels to create an corporate unit brand and image to offer to the market a network of hotels with centralized contracting, commercialize and booking services.

G.S.M. HOTELES is a Spanish company specialized in commercial services for hotels, to whom they offer specialized and personalized market using all channels of distribution: G.S.M. own on line booking engine, call centers in Madrid , GDS agreement, XML integrations and own commercial network covering all Spain to promote directly to the hotels.

What G.S.M. HOTELES offer the market:

  • Homogeneous quality product and own WEB engine booking on line with an unlimited XML integrations.
  • Different range rates for all markets.
  • A wide range of hotels from 3, 4 and 5 stars in the mains cities.
  • Facilities for centralized contracting.

Effective and easiness to arrange individual and group booking.

Corporate Identity:


CIF: A78700101

C/ Montearagón, 7 Pl. 4  Of. 2  - 28033 Madrid e-Mail: gsmhoteles@gsmhoteles.es







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